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Awards & More

Janelle Christa is a luminary in the world of filmmaking, boasting an impressive repertoire as a Multi-Award-Winning Actress, Director, Screenwriter, and Producer.


Janelle's journey in the film industry has been marked by a slew of accolades from some prestigious festivals worldwide, including FIFF London, IndieX, TMFF, Flow Film Festival, Golden State Film Festival, LA Independent Women Film Festival, Cannes Independent Film Festival, Vesuvius International Film Festival, Indie Short Fest, Nashville Film Festival, The Independent Short Awards, Belgrade International Film Festival, TMFF, NYC Best Actor and Director Awards, NYC International Independent Film Festival, The Future of Film Film Festival, and the Santa Barbara International Screenplay Awards.


Some of these accolades include categories such as "Best Actress," "Best Supporting Actress," "Best Director," "Best Female Director," "Best Original Screenplay, "Best Original Story," "Best First-Time Director," “Best Producer,” "Best Short Film," "Best Picture," "Best of Festival," "Best Drama," "Best Experimental Film,” and even “Best Wardrobe Design.”


In addition to these personal awards, her films have also been nominated for and won numerous awards such as “Best Editor,” "Best Cinematographer,” “Best Make-Up & Hair,” “Best Production Design,” “Best Original Score,” “Best Actor,” “Best Cast,” “Best Sound Design,” "Best Visual Effects," "Best Special Makeup," “Best Production Design.” These awards are testament to Janelle’s ability to bring together an excellent crew and cast of talent to create movie magic.

Where She Started and How it's Going

Janelle's journey in the entertainment world began at the tender age of 9 when she stepped onto her first set, gracing the popular show "Touched by an Angel." Her passion for the craft has only deepened over the span of the next three decades where her work would eventually be seen on Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes, Playstation TV, Roku, Tubi, Hoopla, Cineverse, Google TV, Vudu, Android TV, Future Today, Box Brazil Play, Nuclear Home Video, Plex, Mometu, and more.

Lights, Camera, Action

Janelle has since worked on thousands of sets both in front of the camera and behind it. In front of the camera, she has secured both "Best Actress" and "Best Supporting Actress" awards for her compelling performances in film.


In addition to the Silver Screen, she has also worked on hundreds of commercials and advertisements including a Super Bowl commercial, network television, and huge brands like Stanley, Cover Girl, Revlon Cosmetics, Pixie and Pop, Mitsubishi and more.


Throughout her career she has worked with many mega stars including Golden Globe Winner Malcolm McDowell, Golden Globe Award Winner Oprah Winfrey, Daytime Emmy Award Winner Ellen Degeneres, Grammy Award Winner P!nk, the all-time famous “Growing Pains” dad Alan Thicke.


Janelle has also presented awards at the prestigious Santa Barbara International Film Festival to iconic figures in the industry, including Golden Globe Winner and icon Oprah, Academy and Golden Globe Winner Leonardo DiCaprio, Academy and Golden Globe Winner Gwyneth Paltrow, and Academy & Golden Globe Winner Martin Scorsese.

As a Writer

Janelle’s versatility is further highlighted by her success as a Screenwriter, where she has been acknowledged as an award winner, finalist, semi-finalist, quarterfinalist, and recipient of honorable mentions in esteemed screenwriting competitions.


Jhoni Marchinko, multi-emmy award winner known best for “Will and Grace” is quoted saying about Janelle: "Impressive range as an actress, and a really funny writer. I mean really funny! High Concept, easy to pitch, funny stuff. Really clever."


One of Janelle’s scripts has been circulating around Hollywood for sometime and has been considered by Disney as well as Academy Award Winner Reese Witherspoon’s Production company “Hello Sunshine.”


"Surround yourself with people who have dreams, desire, and ambition; they'll help you push for, and realize your own." - Tony Robbins

A testament to her dedication and pursuit of excellence, Janelle has had the privilege of being mentored and coached by Emmy award winners and Academy award winners:

These incredible humans include: 


Gregory Goodman (Known for X-Men, The Gorge, Captain Phillips, 8-Mile +more)


Ed Kaplan (Academy Award Winner, known best for Dirty Dancing),


Kate Lanier (2x Academy Award Winner Nominee, known best for Set it Off and The Mod Squad)


Jhoni Marchinko (Multi Emmy Award Winner, known best for Will and Grace and Two Broke Girls)


Tiffany Thomas (Emmy Award Winner known best for The Proud Family)


James Khan (Known Best for Melrose Place and Star Trek) 


Peter Frisch (Professor at Carnegie Melon, Harvard, and Julliard as well as the acting coach to Academy and Golden Globe Award Winner Julianne Moore).


With a career spanning three decades, Janelle truly has accumulated a wealth of experience on thousands of sets, collaborating with these industry giants.

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